Videology offers sophisticated solutions that allow Media Companies to maximize the value of inventory and audiences and drive yield optimization. All solutions are powered by an advanced decisioning technology designed to deliver the strongest results across online video and TV.

Get Unparalleled Access to Top Quality Demand Sources

  • Programmatic sales solutions including direct sales force to make the most out of each impression, audience, and screen

Ensure Optimal Success

  • Market leading forecasting and allocation for both owned & operated and 3rd party supply sources
  • Capabilities to ensure the optimal delivery of campaigns against 3rd Party data sets including Nielsen OCR and Comscore vCE

Uncover Greater Audience Value

  • A single integration point for all of your data – both 3rd party and existing 1st party data
  • Ability to reach your audience across screens, unlocking new monetization opportunities

Benefit From Flexible Monetization and Management Solutions

  • Surface inventory through seamless integration with exchanges and supply side platforms (SSPs)
  • Both private and open marketplaces to surface 3rd party demand sources, supported through both guaranteed and real-time-bidding buys

See Real Results to Track ROI

  • Robust offering of proprietary ROI products that measure the value and impact of your inventory for an advertiser's campaign
  • Get detailed reports based on your specific needs