Videology is a leading software provider for converged, addressable advertising across
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At Videology, we’re specialists in TV and video advertising. We do one thing and do it very well - turn data and inventory into guaranteed results for our clients.

Our converged advertising software helps Advertisers, Agencies and Media Companies drive greater media value through cross-screen planning, execution, forecasting and measurement.  And it’s all available in a single platform. 

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Videology announces the launch of DETVGO™ – a self-service, automated advanced TV advertising product powered by the Videology platform.

  • “By offering purpose built and easy-to-use solutions for data-driven video advertising across digital video and TV environments, Videology delivers significant time, cost, and performance benefits."
    —Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award
  • "Videology excels at mastering the convergence of television & online media...[and] has the most sophisticated media optimizer to analyze the right allocation of TV and online video to optimize reach and campaign cost."
    —The Forrester WaveTM Report: Video Advertising DSPs, Q4 2015
  • "The ability to buy guaranteed viewable impressions will ensure that our clients’ budgets are being spent on ads that are actually being seen—which is clearly the baseline for effectiveness. It’s a big step forward, and we applaud Videology for their ongoing work in ensuring quality within video advertising."
    —- Adam Pace, Managing Director at Accuen UK
  • "They’re pioneering things that will change the industry that haven’t made it to the front yet. They’re building tech that’s going to get under the hood of broadcast – it’s not going to be digital broadcast, it’s going to be broadcast."
    —Gabe Dunlop, Director, Varick Canada

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how we drive results

Videology’s unified software solution was built to drive outstanding results in the constrained video and TV market, where better outcomes come from better planning and greater certainty. Our global platform unifies the TV and video advertising ecosystems, and brings efficiency and value to advertisers and content owners alike.


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    On July 19th, we hosted a breakfast panel at the Videology New York offices, entitled “Connected TV: Best of Both Worlds or Caught in the Middle?” featuring panelists from A&E, Assembly, Sling TV, and Tru Optik. If you weren’t able to attend, we invite you to check out videos, now available on our blog.

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    On March 8th, we held our annual ‘Full Frontal’ conference here in New York City, welcoming more than 200 advertisers, agencies, brands and media companies. If you weren’t able to attend, we invite you to check out videos of each of the sessions, now available on our blog.

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