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Videology’s unified software solution drives outstanding advertising results in the constrained video and TV market, where better outcomes come from better planning and greater certainty. Our specialized software was purpose-built to solve the unique challenges posed by TV and video advertising – from planning to measurement – all in one simple platform.

To put it simply, we turn data and inventory into guaranteed results for our clients.

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Our Story

We were founded in 2007 by Scott Ferber - also the co-founder of - to solve the industry’s marketing challenges in a world where video viewership was fragmenting across screens.  We’ve always focused on one goal: helping advertisers reach consumers wherever they are watching video or TV.  

Today, our advertising software is being used by the biggest agencies, trading desks, and media companies around the world to reach consumers with relevant video advertising across screens.

Company Snapshot


Company Snapshot

We are:

An independent video advertising technology driving market-leading results for clients around the globe


2007 by Scott Ferber, founder of

Known For:

Our Reputation As Leading Specialists In The Convergence Of Video And TV Advertising


Times Square, New York City with key offices in Baltimore, Austin, Toronto, London, Paris, Madrid, Singapore and Sydney


400 Videologists in 28 countries around the globe

Up Next For Us:

We’re making digital addressability the new normal for linear TV –  the final step in building a truly converged, cross-screen video advertising universe


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Our Board

Our Board of Directors bring diverse and extensive experience to our company, providing multiple viewpoints and perspectives on how to succeed as a technology innovator.

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Our Major Investors

Videology, Inc. is a privately-held, venture-backed company.  Our major investors are among the most prestigious and forward-thinking of media and technology backers today.

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