Interview: Engineering a Smarter Solution for Our Clients

Videology was recently featured in a technology case study on the Amazon Web Services blog, highlighting our innovative developments in managing advertising data processing in support of the Videology Platform. We caught up with three members of the Videology Engineering team – Joseph Julian, Paul Frederiksen, and Dave Ortiz, to discuss how this change is impacting Videology clients.

Ad Perceptions Research: Blurred Screens, Blurred Teams

On April 19th, we released the findings of a commissioned study conducted by Advertiser Perceptions on the topic of Advanced TV. This blog article is the first in a series digging into the key themes revealed in this report.  In this piece, we examine how blurred lines between screens is leading to blurred lines between teams. 

A Buyer’s Advanced TV ‘Watch out’ Moments

According to eMarketer, in 2017 spending in ‘advanced’ or ‘programmatic’ TV is expected to triple over last year, growing to $2.16 billion. In 2018, that number is expected to grow to $4.43 billion. Today, advertisers and media agencies across the board are evaluating strategies and partners to bring automation and data to their TV advertising buys. Yet, even with this exponential growth, there remains a lot of market confusion, largely for two reasons: One, TV buyers and sellers are using varying definitions of “programmatic,” resulting in confusing conversations and frustration by all parties. And two, as an industry, we haven’t yet defined standards for data application, optimization techniques, business models, business practices and inventory/cost transparency.

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