2017 Product Preview: The Results Are In

Last year was a transformational year for the industry. In 2016 we witnessed all players in the ad ecosystem trying to keep up with shifting viewing patterns, seeking new avenues to stretch their ad dollars across all screens to gain better results. We also saw a growing need for new technology and approaches to address the challenges of video advertising.

TV and Video Outlook: Q&A with AT&T AdWorks’ Maria Mandel Dunsche

We recently released our ‘2017 North American TV and Video Outlook’ featuring interviews with technology and agency leaders from the advertising industry.  Below’s excerpt from the report features a Q&A with Maria Mandel Dunsche, VP and Head of Marketing at AT&T AdWorks.

“Programmatic video is seeing a rapid increase in spend as the number of users watching digital video grows.”  - Maria Mandel Dunsche

Read Maria’s full Q&A below and download our full report here.

Videology receives Frost & Sullivan's 2016 North American Video Advertising Customer Value Leadership Award

We’re pleased to announced that Videology has been selected to receive Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 North American Video Advertising Customer Value Leadership Award. This is yet another sign of an independent third party recognizing the value of the Videology platform in bringing true convergence across TV and video advertising.

CES 2017: It’s Not Just About Gadgets

Wrapping up at CES 2017, most people left buzzing about a few main topics.  If they weren’t talking about AI, they were talking about wearables; if they weren’t talking about AI and wearables, they were talking about AI and wearables.  Or about virtual reality, or augmented reality, or virtual and augmented reality.  And, the most quintessential CES topic of all – advancing evolution for autonomous vehicles and IoT.

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