Why TV, Why Now

Earlier this month, we announced the creation of a new Videology TV Practice – a division of the company that would focus solely on meeting the needs and requirements of TV advertisers. On the heels of a write-up in the Wall Street Journal, some colleagues in the industry have asked how we decided that now was the right time to devote a full team to TV, and whether we were jumping the gun at a time when addressable linear TV is still somewhat in its infancy. 

My answer is that all of the pieces are now in place: consumers are there, the data has caught up, online video has matured as an advertising media and the foundations for an addressable TV market have been established. 

  •  First, consumer habits have irreversibly changed the industry in the past few years. We see our TV practice as an explicit recognition that TV consumption is changing; while couch-bound, conventional push-linear TV remains a powerful medium that draws many advertising dollars, it is increasingly supplemented by all manner of consumption states across a multitude of devices. The majority of these viewing experiences are delivered to the consumer over IP, and this means that the advertising route to these viewers is more sophisticated, addressable, dynamic, and trackable. It means that digital software companies like Videology are the right ones to legitimately execute in this space.
  •  Second, the data has caught up to the possibilities. The Rosetta Stone that creates the material value proposition for our new discipline is our access to TV viewing data. At Videology, our TV practice draws from our wealth of experience across both TV and online video; we are not only structured to on-board this TV viewing data, we are set up to undertake intensive analytical procedures on this data to determine viewing behaviours for advertiser target audiences.  With our access to TV data, we can not only develop (and execute) online video campaigns that are optimised against television advertising for the same brand; we can also generate bi-directional insight into the linear TV viewing behaviours for advertiser target audiences, creating significant TV buying efficiencies in targeting and campaign delivery.
  •  Finally, we are ready to accept that TV is not only the past, it’s the future. In addition to improving our digital campaigns through holistic cross-screen planning, the TV Practice at Videology incubates our addressable/advanced television programme. We forecast that this area will experience rapid growth, from both enablement and advertiser perspectives, over the course of the next 24 months, and we have already engineered a planning platform that onboards 1st party audience data and inventory avails from multiple MVPDs. We strongly feel that addressable TV is the future, and we want to be front and centre as it grows.

With all the pieces in place, it’s now the right time to dive in and create a team of true television experts who can navigate this new media world. TV is changing, and we are the architects at the forefront of that change.

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