A Lesson from "REWORK"

It would be easier to use 400 words here, but I’m affording myself only 150.

Funny how that limitation immediately frames my plan.

With that constraint set, I’m immediately thinking about how considering the most efficient way to make my point, cutting weak allegories, and choosing words strategically.

It’s natural to yearn for more. More time, more resources. But everyone needs constraints to do great work, especially those in Product Development. Jason Fried, author of “REWORK” and co-founder of Basecamp.com, endorses embracing constraints.

Necessity yields innovation, but what yields necessity? Scarcity. It’s why the 20 minute meeting is often more productive than the 60.

So consider applying self-imposed constraints. “How can we fulfill the requirements using 1 fewer engineer?” or “How can we ship using 3/4 the time originally planned?”

You just might build extremely creative, less wasteful, cleaner products.

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Andrew Gordon

Product Manager

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