Excuse Me, Do You Speak Adtech? Translating Our Story for the Rest of the World

The headline of this blog post was originally, “Videology Named a Finalist in the 2014 American Business Awards.” Its current incarnation is certainly guilty of burying the lead, but for good reason.  Being honored as a finalist for ‘Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year’ in this Stevie Awards competition is a fabulous accomplishment.  But as I was writing it, it also occurred to me that perhaps the even bigger accomplishment was being able to tell our story in a way that resonated within this mainstream business competition. 

And really, isn’t that an amazing statement about how far the industry has come over the past several years—not just Videology, but all companies in the space? When I came to the world of ad tech almost three years ago, despite many years working in media communications, the language was baffling to me. 

Every article I read, and every meeting I attended, seemed to require a translation lexicon for easy reference. And while there are still a fair amount of acronyms floating around your average industry panel, for the most part I believe the industry has recognized that even though the work done in ad tech is extremely complex, the simpler we can make our story, the better it resonates.

I’ve heard it referred to as the grandma test.  In other words, if you were telling a friend or relative who had nothing to do with the industry what you do all day, what would you say? Of course, we’re not talking to our grandmas at work every day, but it’s a good rule of thumb that can be adjusted to fit the marketers or media companies that most of us do interact with on a regular basis. A potential new client doesn’t need to know every intricacy of a technology to understand how it might help his or her business.  If you can create the initial, proverbial “aha” moment, hopefully it will lead to many more meetings where the full genius and capabilities of the technology can be explored. 

The American Business Awards are judged each year by more than 200 executives nationwide—most of whom have never heard of a DSP, or RTB, or the one second rule. But all of them have heard of ROI and KPIs, and all of the other marketing results that ad technology ultimately solves for in this increasingly digitized, converging world.  

So whether or not we ultimately take home a gold, silver, or bronze medal in this awards competition, we’ve already won a victory of sorts in the mainstream business world. They get us.  They really get us. And that’s good for the entire category of advertising technology.

The final ranking will be announced during an awards banquet in San Francisco this coming September. We’re honored for the recognition and give full credit to our excellent team that has helped make this possible. Stay tuned as we go for the gold!

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