Letting the Numbers Tell the Story

At Videology, we’ve always put a strong focus on tracking results and relying on the numbers to tell our stories.  While this is done every day with our clients’ campaigns, we take our approach to greater lengths once a quarter with our International Video Market at-a-Glance infographics. (The Q1 reports have just been released and can be found here.)

To generate these reports, we look at billions of impressions on the Videology platform, and determine trends within each of our seven major global markets.  These metrics are a window into how our clients are defining success, and what trends we’re seeing within the industry.  For example, which types of Marketers are advertising the most? How are they targeting consumers?  Our analysis also looks at performance:  How do various factors (like age, device, content genre) affect click-through and completion rates?

These metrics have been a reliable way to track industry trends for the past several years.  But 2014 has seen huge shifts in the industry, and measurement is more complex and intricate than ever. While click-through and video completion rate are still frequently requested metrics (carried over from display), they don’t tell the full story in today’s converging video landscape.  “Success” isn’t limited to a click or a completed view; instead, they are looking for a more brand-centric and TV-centric view of their campaigns – and it’s crucial we speak their language.  Our clients today are defining success throughout the marketing funnel, and are often looking to trusted 3rd parties to analyze their campaign performance. 

For that reason, our Quarterly Video Market-at-a-Glance infographics have evolved into what you see today.  This quarter, we have pared down our stats on traditional digital metrics (click-through and completion rates), and added new findings around Buy Type, Audience Verification, and Advanced Measurement for those markets in which these products are available.  As a result, the numbers tell some very interesting stories.

For one thing, we found that upwards of 90% of the ads campaigns bought on the Videology platform are purchased in a guaranteed fashion across all regions.  Despite a perceived industry shift towards RTB, brand-centric marketers who are buying video programmatically overwhelming choose to buy in a reserved fashion at a fixed CPM.  This is not surprising.  As TV and video converge, the same advertisers who rely on the certainty of price and delivery in television are looking for that same certainty in their video buys. 

Another interesting finding was that in the U.S., where some additional measurement tools are available, almost 60% of measurement studies requested last quarter measured Brand perception—a very TV-like metric.  While it can be said that the ultimate goal of all advertising is sales, for the most part, brand advertisers’ products are sold offline, so brand perception is often used as a proxy for likely sales. Again, this reflects a TV-like approach, and further indicates where the industry is moving.  (Although I should mention that measurement of offline sales in U.S. accounted for 13% of campaigns in that market.)  

At Videology, we love numbers.  Looking at our quarterly metrics can help us better serve our clients by developing the tools and technologies they are looking for.  Based on these latest results, one thing is very clear: the digital landscape is beginning to look a lot more like TV.  For years now, we’ve heard predictions about this move to a more holistic online/offline planning and buying approach, and we now see this truly coming to life among our clients.  We’re ready. 

To see more details about these findings as well as others, check out the latest Quarterly Video Market at a Glance infographics. 

Mark McKee

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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