Second Quarter Recap: Catching on to Cross-Screen

Speaking on behalf of the marketing team, it feels good to know Videology’s effort in educating the marketplace on the benefits of smart, cross-screen campaign planning has resonated.

Earlier this year, in conjunction with the Upfronts and NewFronts buying season, we went on a “Full Frontal” roadshow across the United States to educate the market on the available tools to plan and measure TV and video holistically across platforms. The “Full Frontal” concept comes from the idea of merging these two (currently separate) fronts together, considering TV and digital buying, with a holistic, long-term view. While this concept of bringing the two together is more advanced in the U.S., the idea of cross-screen planning is applicable on a global scale.

While putting together our Video Market At-A-Glance infographics for the second quarter (which were released today, and can be downloaded here) we saw that advertisers are making that shift to holistic, screen agnostic planning, and doing it on a global level.

In the U.S. we saw a 38% increase in multi-screen campaigns quarter-over-quarter in our platform, but found multi-screen campaigns are being executed most heavily in Europe, and particularly the UK, where single agency teams plan across all screens. Campaigns were delivered on more than one screen a whopping 62% of the time in the UK in Q2, and 53% across Europe. 

Speaking of cross-screen campaign adoption, in the U.S., where TV-digital video cross-screen measurement is more mature, we found that among advertisers who opted in for any type of advanced measurement, 28% chose cross-screen analysis.

While the Q2 analysis shows advertisers’ mindsets are shifting toward cross-screen conversion and are beginning to embrace these tools, we expect the real landmark growth to come in 2015, as Videology CEO & Chairman Scott Ferber explains here

It’s simple: cross-screen campaigns boost brand results. And as we found in Q2, advertisers are beginning to catch on. But there’s more work to do in spreading the good word.

At Videology, we’re here to help advertisers become less shy about going Full-Frontal.

Mark McKee

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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