Q4 Video Market At-A-Glance: Advancing Forward

Each quarter we release an infographic that gives a snapshot of how marketers use our platform. What’s cool about doing this on a quarterly basis is that we get to see the progression of our clients embracing more efficient ways to target, which in turn yields better ROI.

The past couple of quarters we really saw how the idea of holistic planning across linear TV and digital video was coming to fruition. Across the globe advertisers are making the shift toward a screen-agnostic attitude. While this global trend continued this past quarter (in the UK 79% of all campaigns ran cross-device in Q4, compared to just 30% in Q1), another area that caught our eye was the overall increase in advanced targeting tactics being used. 

In the U.S., we found 94% of advertisers ran video campaigns with some form of advanced ad targeting, which was a 38% increase compared to Q4 2013. This was also true in Canada, where 92% of advertisers used advanced ad targeting – a 48% increase in the use of this targeting year-over-year.

Not only does advanced type of targeting yield greater efficiency, it also improves the likelihood that your ad will be seen. We found in a recent study that advanced targeting improved viewability rankings tremendously compared to demographic-only targeting.

You can check out all of our Q4 infographics here.

Mark McKee

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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