Laying the Pipes for a Cross-Screen, Addressable Future

For all we talk about digital video here at Videology, TV is never far from our minds. It’s still an extremely powerful medium for advertisers to reach consumers and tell their stories to a massive audience.  

Yesterday’s announcement from Videa that it’s partnering with Videology to give media buyers the ability to programmatically plan, buy and report on television advertising is one of many recent examples showing how TV is beginning to enter the same realm as video in terms of data-enabled targeting and more efficient buying and planning.

From our perspective, what’s most rewarding about this partnership is that we’re laying the pipes to connect traditional media with programmatic planning tools.  In doing so, we’re helping build the foundation that will allow broadcasters to fully participate in the consumer-led evolution of TV and video convergence.  

The old ways of doing things for media buyers – picking up the phone to begin a routinely long, arduous process to plan and buy local broadcast linear TV advertising – just won’t cut it in today’s cross-screen media environment. In Videa’s case, buyers will now not only have direct access to local broadcast inventory, but will also have the ability to optimize campaigns, improve workflow efficiencies and utilize data-enhanced audience targeting. 

And as the wave of premium, linear TV inventory sources adopting programmatic and automated solutions continues to grow, the closer we come to attaining a truly scalable solution to reach consumers holistically as they continue to migrate across devices. 

It’s time to charter new waters.

To learn more about our partnership with Videa, check out the press release here.

Brandon Shainfeld

Head of Advanced TV and Partnerships

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