What’s Trending in EMEA?

This will be the first in a monthly series of Q+A style blogs in which we ask our regional leaders about the latest trends, complexities and challenges facing their respective TV & digital ad markets. First up this week, Videology’s Managing Director, EMEA, Anne de Kerckhove.

When talking about convergence, is one country in EMEA further along than the others?

Whilst each country has its own unique innovations in convergence, the UK is furthest ahead in terms of single panel/single tracking metrics. The UK also has the richest data market in Europe, which gives them a distinct advantage in the region.

But in other markets, such as France and Spain, it’s the broadcasters that have led the way in terms of selling across devices and pushing programmatic buys through private market places as well as open markets.

France is moving faster toward a holistic planning mindset, especially when it comes to mobile. A lot of the talk around convergence centers around mobile, which is not necessarily the case in other markets, where mobile is still seen as a separate stream.

In EMEA, how does the adoption of programmatic strategies differ from country to country, if at all?

There absolutely are local nuances when it comes to programmatic, mainly driven by TV buying habits and pricing, but the differences are more tactical or about individual company strategies than a difference in core beliefs.

In general, all markets, including both demand and supply, are beginning to understand that programmatic is about a lot more than RTB. It’s about private marketplaces, tools, control and transparency for all. 

What are the greatest hurdles facing the region in terms of adopting cross-screen strategies?

Definitely unified metrics and data. The market is looking for the ability to follow the user across all screens as a unique user rather than just a vague profile. As the ability to tie user data across screens with a unified metric becomes more of a reality, so too will actionable cross-screen strategies.

So far in 2015, what is the biggest surprise?

Brands are taking control of their own programmatic destiny! They’re increasingly taking ownership in how they use programmatic and taking a larger role in the decision-making process within their agencies when choosing technology players.

What two questions are you asked most often by agencies as it relates to video?

“Do you have tools that prove the tipping point in investment between TV and digital?” This is exactly what we want to be asked –we have the tools to help clients determine the optimal mix between TV and digital to generate the best ROI, and depending on the client and their objectives, they may get different answers!

“How do you see the performance benefits of each screen?” We see PC as the most rounded, with great data coverage and good performance, yet mobile is rapidly scaling, with great interaction rates, but poorer completion rates. Connected TV is still small scale with excellent completion rates, yet poor engagement. This mixture of strengths underlines the importance of utilising a platform with cross device capabilities to allocate across a portfolio of advertisers with multiple KPIs to ensure the right ad is shown to the right person at the right time on the right screen.

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