Q1 2015: Mobile Benefitting from Multiscreen Surge

Earlier this week we released our newly designed U.S. Video Market At-A-Glance infographic for the first quarter. In the process of reviewing the data, one thing became clear: it’s all about multiscreen and it’s all about mobile.  

In Q1 we saw an 81% spike in campaigns delivered on mobile devices compared to the previous quarter. We all know about the surge in mobile penetration the past couple of years, but the ad industry has been a bit slow to react. There’s still more work to do in improving standards and the consumer experience on mobile, but this is a clear sign that it is primed to play a larger part in the overall cross-screen strategies for premium video advertisers. 

And speaking of cross-screen strategies, the share of multi-screen campaigns in Q1 continued to trend higher in comparison to campaigns running on a single screen.  In fact, the number tripled compared to a year ago—jumping from 17% of total campaigns in Q1 2014 to 58% this past quarter!

Being in an industry that changes so quickly, we’re always adding new insights around topics that are becoming more relevant to video advertisers in our quarterly infographics. For this infographic we added new figures around audience verification, viewability and TV targeting.  And these areas yielded some pretty interesting results:  In Q1 we found 20% of advertisers chose to optimize their campaigns for maximum viewability and 28% chose to verify their audience using Nielsen DAR or comScore VCE; and through our partnership with Nielsen, we helped advertisers target their audiences using TV data segments for 14% of all campaigns.

We hope you find our new infographic informative and insightful. Click here to view the full Q1 2015 U.S. Video Market At-A-Glance infographic.

Mark McKee

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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