Getting Back to Basics: Why Brand Lift Measurement Will Never Go Out of Fashion

This week, Videology announced the results of a Nielsen case study that focuses on our ability to effectively outperform industry norms for driving brand awareness and purchase intent metrics. In this case study, Nielsen analyzed Videology’s digital brand lift based on the results of nine CPG campaigns measured with Nielsen Digital Brand Effect.  The analysis showed that Videology’s average CPG lifts outperformed Nielsen’s digital advertising brand lift norms by six times. 

Measurement has always been the central focus of digital advertising, and it’s an even hotter topic in today’s quickly changing landscape.  As the traditional :30 spot continues to evolve through the convergence of TV and Digital viewing consumption, marketers need to be better informed to make decisions on where they should spend their ad dollars to engage and influence their desired consumers.  

But what is the “right” way for advertisers to measure their results, and deem a campaign “successful”?  Is Brand Lift, classically a TV-focused measurement approach, really the best metric to determine success in an ROI-centered universe?  You may be surprised at how important it is. 

Given all the measurement solutions that now exist tying back to in-store visits, credit card and loyalty card transactions, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment that everything should be measured to offline sales.  While I agree the opportunity to understand the actual ROI of any media spend is extremely important (Videology supports dozens per year), it is not always a viable option given budget size, feasibility, channels, and in many cases the long feedback loop to surface insights.  

In many cases, we need to get back to the basics, and recognize the value of measuring real-time brand lift or purchase intent by engaging with consumers directly.  Brand lift is a powerful metric for several reasons. 

First, we frequently see that a campaign that drives lift in awareness and intent (compared to a control group) also drives lift in sales.  In today’s market, getting a consumer to buy something is not easy, but in most cases it will always start with raising awareness for a product which eventually through frequency and messaging drives intent.  

Another reason Advertisers look so favorably on strong brand lifts, is that it is a reflection of the power and integrity of a platform.  Videology prides itself on having a platform that has the best targeting, the best optimization, and the best fraud protection (thanks in part to our integration with White Ops) – all of which help ensure the right viewer is seeing the right ad in the right environment. 

Finally, Brand Lift is crucial because it is a metric familiar to TV advertisers.  As the lines between TV and digital are beginning to blur, it’s more important than ever to regard both channels in the same way.  For brand advertisers hesitant to shift dollars to digital video (which is often more cost efficient), strong brand lift scores can give them the proof they need to make the shift. 

Our efforts over the years in advanced video measurements have allowed us the opportunity to work with many different solutions in helping marketers gain valuable insights to better understand the outcome of Cross Channel and Cross Device advertising. And where we started initially with just measuring digital exposure, the more common theme these days focuses on the effects of advertising when reaching consumers across both TV and Digital, and how these two channels work together to support marketers’ goals and objectives.  This tipping point in how adults are consuming content has driven a tremendous amount of development in new ways to tag, track and match consumer media exposure to some type of action or sale.  

As measurement options for digital marketers continue to mature and reflect the changing landscape, there will be new ways to track success and determine ROI.  But no matter how much these measurement options develop and expand, Brand Lift will always be an important, fundamental tool in our measurement arsenal. 

Aleck Schleider

SVP, Client & Data Strategy

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