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Advertising Week is back. We love this time of year. It gives our industry a full week for face-to-face meetings, deep-dive discussions and collaboration on the topics that matter most. This year, we kicked off the week with sessions focused on topics near-and-dear to Videology: mobile video and advanced television. 



On Monday morning, our VP of Sales Strategy and Data, Aleck Schleider, spoke at the MMA SM2 event.  Aleck’s presentation was titled “Using Mobile Video to Build Brands”, and the audience was standing room only. 

The presentation focused on latest trends in mobile video, as well as tips for the best ways to leverage the channel to drive brand and sales results.  Most importantly, Aleck drove home the point that a converged, cross-screen video approach is crucial in today’s fragmented viewing world; mobile is just one screen—albeit a very important screen!—in a multi-screen approach.

The interactive session also included a break-out where members of the audience (a mix of brands, agencies, and data/technology providers) worked together to answer questions about mobile video, and define the importance of a cross-screen approach in fewer than 10 words.  The winning team said: “Reach, Improved KPIs, Marketing & Media, Multi-Platform, Better Business Results.”  Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

To learn more about Mobile, read our Videology Knowledge Lab on the topic.

Or you can reach out to receive Aleck’s full presentation.



On Monday afternoon, we joined the IAB for the 20th anniversary of their annual MIXX event.

We spoke during the Digital Video’s New World Order breakout session.

First, our founder and CEO, Scott Ferber, gave a presentation on the shifts in consumer viewing habits over the last 15-years. He then explained the advancements we’ve seen in the TV advertising space over the last several years, including capabilities in addressability, IP-delivery and data-enablement.

If you’d like to see his presentation reach out here!

 Scott Ferber - CEO, Videology

Scott Ferber - CEO, Videology

Scott was then joined by Bruce Dincin, Senior Director of Media Strategy and Analytics at Choice Hotels International, to discuss the recent work we’ve done together leverage data-enabled TV.

Together, we recently ran a TV campaign aimed at reaching 35–64 year olds that frequently stay in hotels. Using credit card data and linear TV inventory, we were able to deliver a campaign to more than 24 million people, which makes up 65% of the total population of that strategic audience. Additionally, of those 24 million, we indexed at 158 for delivery to that strategic audience.It was a huge success and we were thrilled to present the results on stage during MIXX.

To close the session, Scott moderated a panel featuring: Summer Anne Burton, Executive Creative Director at BuzzFeed, Helen Lin, President of Digital at Publicis Media Exchange, and Wendy Wildfeuer, Senior Vice President at The Content Studio, NBCUniversal. 

The conversation was interesting in that each speaker had overlapping views, but also very different experiences. While agreeing on the need for modernizing content strategies in today’s fragmented world, each company had their own approach to the issue.

Summer explained BuzzFeed’s challenge in creating highly targeted content while not sacrificing mass reach. Helen described demand-side advertisers’ challenge in achieving their goals across such a wide variety of content channels. She also explained how agencies are evolving and beginning to better align media and creative resources. Wendy gave us a peek into how NBCU’s Content Studio works with leading brands like Sabre to create engaging content that offers both a creative and sales message simultaneously—and how those efforts need to support cross-channel approaches.

All in all, it was a really great day, and a great way to kick off Advertising Week and we’re excited about what else is in store for the week. 

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