How Auto Advertisers Can Use Data to Drive Powerful Video Results

For auto marketers, knowledge of where a consumer is in the vehicle purchase cycle is crucial in driving advertising strategy. There is a very different approach for effectively communicating with consumers that will buy a car in the next five years versus the next five weeks. Knowing someone is in-market to buy a vehicle – and just as importantly, knowing their preference for brands, price points, and features – allows marketers to tailor a very specific lower-funnel message aimed at driving someone to a car lot.

Today, we announced a partnership to bring Autobytel’s industry-leading automotive buyer-intent data to the video advertising ecosystem. With this partnership, marketers working with Videology now have access to Autobytel’s anonymized first-party data about consumers currently in the market to buy a new vehicle, which is sourced from roughly 8 million consumers who visit Autobytel properties every month.

Want to learn more about how to use data in your auto marketing strategy? Check out this whitepaper for tricks of the trade.


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