Tech Spotlight on Advanced Linear TV Advertising

Advanced TV technologies bring tremendous incremental value to television advertisers, but it is often confusing to differentiate and evaluate what can seem like very similar products.

With that in mind, we commissioned IDC, a leading provider of global market intelligence, to provide guidance for choosing an ad technology to make linear TV advertising smarter

In the research, IDC breaks down recent changes in the TV advertising ecosystem, including the rise of advanced linear TV buying through both data-enablement and addressability. The paper evaluates the challenges hindering advanced TV advertising’s growth and offers key questions to ask when considering an advanced TV technology vendor.

Following a deep-dive presentation and demonstration, IDC’s research analysts also evaluated the benefits to using of Videology’s DETV™ Product, saying:

“DETV is Videology’s entry in the advanced TV space; it offers data-enabled audience-based TV ad buying, but in an advanced form that is unique in the marketplace. Videology’s DETV Product brings the precision of digital video targeting to linear TV by enabling data-driven forecasting rather than having to rely on age/gender ratings proxies, or the brand reputation of a network or a program, or one’s opinion. What is unique about Videology’s DETV Product is that it integrates Nielsen TV viewership data with Videology’s digital audience data at the impression level, which for the first time allows for true cross-screen planning, buying, optimizing, and measuring of ad campaigns, on both TV and video.”

In partnering with IDC on this piece of research, we believe the differences between Videology and our competitors become clear, and advertisers can make more informed decisions in choosing the right technology to meet their specific goals.


Source: IDC Technology Spotlight, sponsored by Videology, How to Choose Ad Technology to Make Linear TV Advertising Smarter, December, 2016.

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