Q4 2015: Three Trends in Video Convergence

I love digging into our quarterly ‘Video Market At-A-Glance’ reports. There’s always an interesting trend to be spotted—telling new stories about the state of our industry. 

For Q4 of 2015, we found three big trends in the US report:

  • More and more marketers are leveraging TV data in their digital planning 
  • Viewability remains a pressing issue for advertisers 
  • Sophisticated technology is required to overcome the challenge of bot fraud 

Leveraging TV Data

Based on all the impressions run through our platform in the fourth quarter, the number of U.S. video campaigns using TV audience data to target with digital video increased 114% over last year. That’s no small number. More and more marketers are embracing the ever-converging worlds of TV and digital video to reach customers holistically, across devices, at the most ideal CPM.  

In looking at the TV segments most used for digital targeting, advertiser’s current TV schedules was used more often than any other data set—ie, marketers are extending the reach of their TV buys by finding those same viewers, or similar viewers, on digital platforms. Marketers know their audiences are now on multiple devices, and they’re leveraging platforms like Videology to reach those users, wherever they’re viewing content.  

Viewability in View

We’ve long prioritized advertiser viewability concerns in the Videology platform. We were one of the first video platforms to receive MRC accreditation for viewable measurement back in 2014. We also recently announced the ability for platform users to transact on viewable impressions as measured by Integral Ad Science, Moat and DoubleVerify. 

We’ve made these concerns paramount to us because they’re paramount to our customers, which is very apparent in our ‘At-A’Glance’ report. In Q4, 56% of advertisers chose to optimize their campaigns towards viewable rates—an increase of 36% since Q1. 

Beating The Bots

In Q4, we also blocked a record number of fraudulent ad requests. Bot requests spiked during the weeks before Christmas and in the final days of the year. We asked Michael Tiffany, CEO of White Ops, our integrated partner for fraud prevention, what he thought about this data. Here’s his response:

“Videology’s findings are directly in line with what we see on the broader Internet. Spending levels increased in the run-up to Christmas, and budgets needed to be completely spent before the end of the year. But consumers didn’t browse the Internet more, to view more ads, just because there was more ad budget getting spent. So bot traffic rose to fill in the gap between all the ads that advertisers wanted to buy and the actual number of ads available to show to real people.”

We agree. The findings are directly in line with the research we conducted with White Ops last quarter. They reinforce the need for advertisers to work with advanced platforms that offer viewability guarantees and leading fraud solutions. You can learn more about work to prevent advertising fraud here

For more interesting stats around how advertisers utilized our software in the second quarter, check out the full infographic below, or download it here.

Mark McKee

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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