Introducing Videology Labs

Last week, we announced the launch of Videology Labs, a two-pronged approach to industry education and client collaboration that we’re excited to share with our customers and the media industry.  This new series will be broken out into two content areas:  

  • First, Videology Knowledge Lab, which is an educational content program that sheds light on the key topics impacting advertisers and agencies today. The series will be geared towards a broader industry audience and focus on topics like viewability, cross-screen planning, the TV advertising technology ecosystem and application of data. 
  • Second, Videology Platform Lab will be a new way to deliver cutting-edge functionality to our platform users, allowing strategic client partners to have early access to test and provide feedback on new features. In addition to hands-on platform testing, our product team will provide exclusive training videos on new features and capabilities.  

In the below Q & A, Kevin Haley, Videology’s Chief Scientist and Chief Product Officer, discusses why we launched Videology Labs, and the importance of education in today’s quickly-moving advertising landscape.  A portion of this interview also ran on MediaPost

To read our first Videology Knowledge Lab, on the topic of Ad Fraud, please visit our website.  Additionally, if you’d like to be added to our subscriber list to receive Knowledge Labs and other educational materials, you can sign up here


Q&A with Kevin Haley, Chief Scientist and Chief Product Officer, Videology

What brought about the knowledge/platform labs? (Was there any specific client feedback or experience that inspired it?)

Videology Labs is led by our product marketing, strategy and education teams. We created Videology Labs to achieve two big goals: education and collaboration. 

For Videology Knowledge Lab: We work directly with clients to address questions about our technology and the industry as a whole. We see a lot of overlap in the information people are asking for. It made sense to compile the answers into a central resource for all of our clients. 

The Videology Knowledge Lab you see on our website will only include a portion of the educational material we’ve developed. Our self-service platform clients will have access to a much more robust Knowledge Lab, which will live inside our platform. That portal will include videos and deep dives on technical issues as well as industry trends. 

While the primary goal is to provide our customers with the best possible training materials, we also want to raise the bar of knowledge across our whole industry. That’s what the Knowledge Lab on our website is for.  

For Videology Platform Lab: We want to ensure we’re building products that align with our client needs and goals. We’re leveraging Videology Platform Lab to provide our closest partners with beta capabilities and features prior to the wider release. It’s a way for them to gain earlier access to new functionality directly in their current workflow rather than in an isolated test environment. We currently have a bunch of new features giving clients greater insight and control over our powerful forecasting and allocation algorithms. Those will be first features released in the Platform Lab.

Have clients expressed confusion/unfamiliarity with the tech you offer?

The digital ecosystem is really vast. There are many point solutions and nuances to different advertising solutions. That creates a lot of confusion, which is where industry and client education becomes so important. 

In thinking about our own platform, we take a slightly different approach than most others. For the last decade, the majority of advertising technology has focused on RTB environments, which operates based on bidding instead of forecasted planning. We built our tech to focus on allocation and forecasting—to deliver guaranteed results. Additionally, instead of building a ‘demand-side-platform’ or a ‘supply-side-platform,’ we built a converged solution for advertising, whether from the buy or sell side. The fact that we approached the problem from such a unique angle has required some client education, but it’s been received incredibly well.  

Who’s writing the series?

The Knowledge Labs are co-written by several people across our product strategy, marketing and education teams. 

Why did you choose Ad Fraud as the first topic for Videology Knowledge Lab?

We believe Ad Fraud is a very serious industry topic, and one that impacts all industry players.  Over two years ago, we developed a market-leading integration with White Ops, which allows our platform to identify bots on an impression-by-impression basis before we ever send an ad.  We did this because we think the key to stopping bots is blocking them from getting ad dollars from the start; based on everything we’ve heard from our clients, reporting and reconciling bot impressions after the fact is too late.  

Ad Fraud is a topic that continues to generate interest – and questions – from our clients and partners, so we thought it was the right place to start. 

When can we expect another lab release?

We’re planning on releasing new Knowledge Lab content monthly. Our next topic will be around viewability and will go live in April. It’s an important industry topic and something we get asked about frequently. 

Who do you think would benefit from these labs? Could you describe the need for education in the programmatic space?

Advertising technology is a complex space. Things move really quickly and there’s a lot to digest. Decision makers in the industry have to look at a huge variety of information before they can make an educated decision about their advertising strategy. Additionally, there’s a lot of misinformation about what’s available and what best practices are. Many of the standalone point solutions coming to market already exist in broader advertising platforms like ours. The purpose of Videology Knowledge Lab is to distill all of this information into digestible, useful content. 

The Knowledge Lab on our website is meant to serve as a resource to anyone in the industry—buyer, seller, brand, investor or tech vendor. The content is a great starting place for learning about a new topic. 

Our number one company goal is driving results for our clients. The Knowledge Lab within our platform will be hugely beneficial to making sure they’re empowered to do just that—achieve optimal results.

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