You pick the format. We drive the results.

As you may have seen in MediaPost, yesterday we announced availability of Unruly’s proprietary outstream and native video ad formats to all of our US platform users. This follows on a similar deal we made in the UK back in June. 

The announcement is pretty straightforward – anyone using Videology’s platform now has access to to Unruly’s consumer-friendly outstream In-Article and native In-Feed video formats across hundreds of premium websites with more than a billion monthly video impressions via UnrulyX.

The ‘why’ is the important part… 

Here at Videology, we feel it’s our responsibility to give our platform users access to all ad formats. With the rise in consumption of digital video, many marketers are now interested in exploring the evolving array of video advertising opportunities available. And we support that. 

Our advertising software is media-agnostic, meaning advertisers can deliver campaigns on privately-owned inventory, through open marketplaces, or through direct integrations with inventory partners such as Unruly.

Inside the Videology platform, users can run video campaigns via instream, mobile web, mobile app, outstream, in article, interstitials, connected TV, social, gaming consoles or on user generated content. 

The point is that advertisers should be able to use whatever inventory drives the best performance for their campaign. Different formats drive different results, whether it be viewability, reach, view-through rate, click-through rate or any other KPI.  

Our platform learns where to deliver campaigns most effectively, but the buyers on our platform can choose the ad placement and format that best suits their campaign’s requirements.

We provide choice because we’re not playing favorites—we’re driving results.

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