Q1 2016: U.S. Video At-A-Glance Report

We recently released our Q1 2016 Video-at-a-Glance report for the U.S.

In looking at all of the impressions run through our platform in Q1, we found that more than 10% of the digital video campaigns used TV audience data to help find and reach relevant audiences. Within these campaigns, the TV segment used most frequently to target digital video audiences was the marketer’s own TV advertising schedule. 

What does this mean?

A large percentage of the advertisers who use Videology’s platform to purchase video also make large upfront media investments in TV.  Of course, the value of purchasing these upfront deals is that advertisers are able to lock in a set amount of TV inventory at a guaranteed price before the TV season even starts. It’s a practice that has been in place for decades and fuels the $70 billion U.S. TV marketplace. 

Yet, even though these upfront TV buys are designed to produce high reach with negotiated rates and guaranteed delivery, there’s still room to increase efficiency and improve return on advertising investment.  This is particularly true as viewing continues to migrate across devices. By utilizing technology solutions and cross-screen data linkages, advertisers can increase their reach and promote holistic campaign strategies that encompass digital video. 

This is where those TV campaigns come into play.  Using Videology’s TV Amplifier™ product, we’re able to look at an advertiser’s current TV schedule and build a plan that can increase exposure to unreached audiences, improve effective reach against a strategic target, or conquest consumers who were exposed to competitive messaging.

Complementing TV strategies with video means getting the best of both worlds—the powerful reach of TV and the precision of digital.

For more information about how Videology’s TV Amplifier™ product can help you better achieve your marketing goals, please reach out to solutions@videologygroup.com.

For more interesting stats, download the full infographic here.

Mark McKee

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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