5 Best Practices In A Converging World Of Screens

While Americans are busy planning their summer vacations, travel marketers are busy looking for new ways to reach them with the draw of sight, sound and motion. Palm trees swaying in ocean breezes, children splashing in water, tanned couples running on the beach, a tall icy beverage—these are the images that have been used to court would-be vacationers for decades. 

Traditionally, these images lived on our televisions. Today, however, with video content ubiquitous across devices—from mobile and OTT, to laptops and tablets—travel marketers recognize that TV alone may not be enough. To fight against the effects of fragmented viewing, there are myriad opportunities to complement TV strategies with data targeting and cross-screen amplification. 
But ample amounts of digital spend, few marketers are embracing true cross-screen media plans that manage traditional channels like TV, in tandem with digital formats like video. 

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Aleck Schleider

SVP, Client & Data Strategy

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