Cannes in Review

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is the world’s biggest advertising festival: a true demonstration of where the industry is going and the high the bar for creativity is set. 
This year Cannes Lions continued to outdo itself with a record number of creative entries and festival attendees. Tech firms came out in such force that you might even say we should rename the event Cannes Lions Technology Festival. 

This is particularly notable given that Cannes Lions was originally created as the home of great ideas, where creativity is seen as the driving force for business, for change and for good. And more than ever before, we’re seeing the true complimentary nature of creativity with ad technology. 

With the rise of digital media, our industry now fully understands how indispensable technology has become. While creative is obviously still essential, ad tech is what allows for the proper targeting, distribution, serving, formatting and impact measurement of advertisements. Creatives understand the power of data and technologists knows that stand-out ads are still essential to driving results.

This was especially apparent during ‘AdTech vs. Creative,’ a panel featuring our CEO, Scott Ferber, along with speakers from J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam, Kantar and Business Insider. 
From the stage, we heard the story we’ve long seen coming, that programmatic and creative storytelling are finally converging. It’s not either or, it’s more. And it’s a big step forward for our industry. 

Cannes Lions is about creativity in all its forms—and that includes technological innovation. 

Here are some photos of the panel:

Maria Shcheglakova

Marketing Manager, EMEA

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