Videology receives Frost & Sullivan's 2016 North American Video Advertising Customer Value Leadership Award

We’re pleased to announced that Videology has been selected to receive Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 North American Video Advertising Customer Value Leadership Award. This is yet another sign of an independent third party recognizing the value of the Videology platform in bringing true convergence across TV and video advertising.

“Frost & Sullivan’s research indicates that Videology is the preferred provider of software solutions for converged video advertising in the US.”

Read the full award write up below to see why Frost & Sullivan chose Videology for this prestigious award.

Full Award Write up

Customer Impact and Business Impact

Videology is the leading, independent provider of programmatic software for TV and digital video advertising solutions. Its tools and services allow customers to plan and execute video campaigns across screen and content types. Frost & Sullivan’s research indicates that Videology is the preferred provider of software solutions for converged video advertising in the US. The key success factors for Videology are presented below.

Customer Impact

Videology offers screen-agnostic video advertising solutions that ensure unduplicated reach to achieve guaranteed results. Advertisers work with Videology to manage the lifecycle of their video advertising campaigns, while media owners can maximize the value of their inventory by partnering with Videology. By offering purpose built and easy-to-use solutions for data-driven video advertising across digital video and TV environments, Videology delivers significant time, cost, and performance benefits. Importantly, Videology guarantees outcomes by converting data and media into desired results through objective- based planning, optimal allocation, and automated optimization. With the amount of data signals coming in from the mobile, online, and physical worlds continuing to increase at a staggering pace, advanced platforms, such as Videology, that can efficiently process all these data signals and eliminate data and system silos to deliver relevant, consistent, and effective conversations are the future of integrated video advertising.

Business Impact

Videology’s ability to ideate, iterate, and innovate with its customers is a key reason for its market success. The company continues to enhance the capabilities of its platform, both proactively as well as based on feedback from existing customers, in order to deliver new features for smart customer engagement. For example, Videology’s focus on new product innovation has enabled the company to offer advanced cross-channel audience measurement capabilities, quality and fraud-free operations, and true audience targeting in TV. With thousands of integration and partnerships with leading data providers, third- party verification providers, and technology partners from across the media ecosystem, Videology is uniquely positioned to support the next-generation converged advertising requirements of brand advertisers. Adoption of Videology’s products by the nation’s leading brand marketers, agencies, trading desks, media companies, and multichannel video programming distributors, or MVPDs is a clear testament to the capabilities of Videology’s products and effectiveness of its go-to-market strategy.

Competitive Analysis

Ability to access and process a wide range of owned and licensed data streams for audience insights and segmentation, application of machine-learning algorithms for real-time ad optimization, analytics, and attribution, and, measurement and tracking are the essential functions for successful digital advertising campaigns. The current breed of ad servers that are used for digital advertising are not set up to leverage data in a way to let advertisers identify and reach media in an inventory-scarce TV world. Videology is one of the very few companies that have successfully developed and integrated the core components in a seamless manner to offer horizontal video advertising solutions that can be used effectively across online and TV video environments. Companies such as Videology understand that this is not only about scale – successful digital advertising is about generating quantifiable, tangible results in the form of increased customer interaction, improved sales, and enhanced brand perception. With that said, there is enough room for several successful video advertising companies in North America. However, Frost & Sullivan firmly believes that Videology will remain the preferred provider of next- generation integrated digital video advertising solutions in North America.


By enabling marketers to execute and measure campaigns across digital video and TV, Videology has emerged as the leading provider of converged video advertising solutions in North America. The recent enhancements to the Videology platform are expected to help the company maintain its leadership position. Frost & Sullivan believes that Videology is well positioned to help customers and partners execute on their video advertising strategies, and presents the company with the 2016 North American Award for Customer Value Leadership in recognition of its impressive performance.

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