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Happy Wednesday Videologists and fans alike!

We’re jumpstarting a weekly blog series called “This week, from the street!” to share our thoughts, happenings and musings, with all of you. Think of the weekly series as a virtual watercooler to hang out at for a few minutes when there’s a lull in your day – only with this, instead of talking about Game of Thrones or what you’re watching on the many devices reaching our eyeballs after work, you’ll get a download on what’s trending on “the street.”

Videologists are busy rolling up our sleeves, working hard and making sure our clients are happy and as excited about what we do as we are. With that, comes being privy to lots of conversations about what’s hot in our industry and what clients want to hear and see more of.

Still with us? Let’s get started!

Advertising Week just ended and given that, there’ve been a lot of stories on the street this week. Some topics that came out of the event were brand safety (and ad fraud, which we discussed last week), brands disrupting digital and the need for transparency, authenticity and accountability in advertising overall. We also think measurement is an important topic in TV and video advertising, and in fact, we just released our latest Knowledge Lab on the matter – check it out!

Overwhelmingly, we’re seeing that there’s a vital need for collaboration among leaders in ad tech, but also the broader TV advertising industry; across sales models, data, currency and measurement. After all, one of the best ways to advance and innovate in this space is to collaborate and work together.

One of our favorite ad tech CEOs put it this way: “It takes a village to create a market and so the time to act is now, and we have the opportunity to create something bigger than what was essentially the merging of the Yellow Pages and the internet – the merging of TV and the internet.” And we couldn’t agree more!

A lot of advertisers are also wondering how they can target cord-cutters, especially on OTT and CTV. We even saw some industry players issuing more announcements around CTV targeting capabilities, and following Videology’s announcement with TruOptik in August, it’s not surprising that questions regarding CTV targeting are on the rise. Yes, folks, it’s possible and here’s how!

In addition, there’s a huge opportunity for the Advanced TV market right now, and advertisers are asking how they can improve their TV advertising strategies and are considering if they should try to automate those more – we say YES!

We hope this new idea will help better inform our partners and clients on what topics should be kept top of mind, and what the latest and greatest is in the greater TV and digital video advertising space.

Until next week, folks!



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