This Week, From the Street!

Happy Friday! We’re seeing a lot from the street this week...

DETVgo Enters the Market

This week, from the street, we’re continuing to hear feedback from the greater industry and our clients about our DETVgo product that we launched last week.

In fact, Will Richmond from the industry-leading publication VideoNuze interviewed Videology’s Stacy Daft, GM, Enterprise Business Development, to discuss the significance of DETVgo in the Advanced TV marketplace.

Stacy discussed the substantial interest Videology has received from agencies of all sizes in trying DETVgo, as they are getting into the platform this week and providing great feedback.

A great quote from the interview included: “DETVgo seems like a really smart approach to getting data-enabled technology into buyers’ hands with no commitment required. Although TV networks are eager to roll out improved targeting, things can only move at the pace of buyer adoption. As DETVgo is more widely used, the advanced advertising market should accelerate, a positive step for the TV ecosystem which is striving to remain competitive.”

We’re really excited that DETVgo is on the precipice of accelerating the Advanced TV marketplace and we can’t wait to see what other advancements come up in the space.

 Videology Wins a GabbCon ABBI Award

Additionally, we’re thrilled to announce that Videology won a GabbCon ABBI award for 2017 Audience Based Buying Platform of The Year! We’re thrilled that our hard work and dedication was recognized in this year’s ABBI awards!

Insights from the Canadian Market

We’ve also received some news from the Canadian market. Broadcasters are talking about ways to fully activate and work together as an industry to provide the scale, data and ease-of-use necessary to compete in a world alongside the digital giants. The market seems ready to move their advanced TV efforts to the next level.  Discussions continue around standardization and common protocols – from workflows to metrics to technology. Stay tuned to Canada – a lot of great thinking going on in the TV space.

That’s it from the street this week. Until next time – have a good weekend ahead!



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