Challenge, collaboration and confidence

The Future TV Advertising Forum has finished and once again we saw the great and good from global TV businesses gather to discuss the current landscape. Over the two days we heard presentations and discussions from broadcasters, agencies, clients and tech companies. For simplicity I can summarise the key themes under 3 c’s.  

Challenge. We all know it but the industry is going through more change than ever before, and with it comes opportunities but also challenges. These challenges are ubiquitous in every developed market. Audience decline, cross screen measurement, sales impact/attribution and of course digital disruption.

Confidence. Despite the challenges, I sensed a genuine degree of confidence. TV works. It’s proven itself time and again to be the prime real estate of AV with great quality programming, brand safe environments, high completion rates, human and at incomparable scale. The numerous brand safety concerns that have emanated from the large digital players has reminded the market of the credentials of the TV market, and in turn given the broadcasters renewed confidence in their offering. By learning and taking the best from Digital, embrace the right technology and apply it to TV then there is a huge opportunity to be realised.

Collaboration. There was a refreshing openness and candour than ever before. There is now a genuine desire to change the current landscape. Instead of seeing themselves as the direct competition, broadcasters are actively looking to collaborate, sharing technologies and data and looking to evolve the advertising model.

The industry is evolving but there is an obvious appetite to embrace this change and ensure TV maintains its ability reach audiences at scale and further prove its impact on meeting the audience entertainment needs and the advertisers’ objectives.

Bring on 2018!


Andy Jones

VP Business Development, EMEA at Videology

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