2017 Product Preview: The Results Are In

Last year was a transformational year for the industry. In 2016 we witnessed all players in the ad ecosystem trying to keep up with shifting viewing patterns, seeking new avenues to stretch their ad dollars across all screens to gain better results. We also saw a growing need for new technology and approaches to address the challenges of video advertising.

That’s why we introduced some new features to tackle these very challenges, including Videology’s DETV™ product, Transacting on Viewability (vCPM), and Predictive Demo Targeting. We also announced some major global partnerships with TV and video supply players such as Bell Media, Rogers Media, Sky Media, and AT&T, and continued to boost brand results for our demand partners.

In 2017, we anticipate these trends to intensify. So as we march forward into the new year, our focus is on developing our product to deliver against what we identified as the four most important pillars for our clients, and ultimately the video ecosystem:


Delivering Superior Results

“Okay,” you’re probably wondering. “Isn’t everyone trying to do that?” Well, yes, but we know our technology already delivers better results. Just ask Nielsen or Frost & Sullivan.

In 2017 we’ll be focusing on building on the technology that has yielded these superior results for our demand and supply partners, and creating new ways for them to achieve their goals. Ultimately, advertising is about results and that’s our number one focus.


Centralizing Video Planning

We’ve always taken the stance that bringing everything into one Platform – demand, supply, data, all screens – will yield better results. Why? Because video advertising has unique characteristics – such as scarcity, upfront trading, and walled garden channels – and video execution (across desktop, mobile, social, connected TVs and linear TV) is complex. We know the adserving layer will be messy and distributed for years to come. That said, the best results can only be achieved when all aspects of the ecosystem are taken into account.

By utilizing a centralized system for planning, plugged into the most channels across the entire video ecosystem, budgets can be optimized to achieve the best results.

This year we’ll be releasing new features and integrations to continue down the path of being that central hub for all of our clients’ video needs.


Making Media Transactions Friction-Free

We have some very, very exciting features in the works to connect buyers and sellers in a frictionless manner, but we’re not quite ready to publically discuss them yet. I know, what a tease!

What I can say is these new features will enable our demand and supply partners to automate private deal negotiations and speed up activation while ensuring their objectives are being met programmatically. Other impactful components of these features will be revealed in the near future. Stay tuned!


Providing More Access to our Platform

Efficiently connecting the many pieces of great technology in video advertising is a rising tide that floats all boats – clients and vendors alike. Too many marketers miss out on the best technology has to offer because of difficult integrations and fragmentation in the ad tech value chain.

As such, a key part of our mission to become a central hub for the video ecosystem is putting our Platform in as many hands as possible. In 2017 we’ll be ramping up our API development, allowing buyers and sellers to access parts of our Platform – or even the entire Platform – outside of our Platform URL and in their own systems.

APIs are putting our Platform in the hands of more people, and in turn, only increasing the number of buyers, sellers, and data sources in the Platform, which will benefit players on all sides.

We look forward to sharing more on how we’ll be executing against these key pillars as the year progresses. In the meantime, keep your eye on our blog and social feeds to stay updated on our latest endeavors.

Barry Wright III

VP, Product Management

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