TV and Video Outlook: Q&A with comScore's Martin Bromfield

We recently released our ‘2017 UK TV and Video Outlook’ featuring interviews with technology and agency leaders from the advertising industry.  Below’s excerpt from the report features a Q&A with Martin Bromfield, VP Advertising EMEA at comScore Inc.

“Programmatic TV is going to be a huge boost for local and regional advertisers. It is giving them an opportunity that they never had before to get involved in TV advertising.”- Martin Bromfield

Read Martin’s full Q&A below and download our full report here.

  • What do you see as the big media and advertising trends for 2017?

In 2017 the focus will be on mobile. We know from comScore statistics in the UK that 61% of time spent online is mobile and this is growing. Yet when you look at ad spend it is just 25% of budgets. There is a huge discrepancy and what you will see in 2017 is the gap closing. Audiences are scaling on mobile. Publishers are creating more and more bite-sized chunks of content that people can consume on the go. Location-based technologies are advancing so advertisers can target consumers in buying environments. All these trends as well as access to Wi-Fi and 4G will enable advertisers to serve video ads in a way that doesn’t impact the user experience.

  • The convergence of TV and digital video is a recognised development. What are the most notable changes you have seen in how brands think about and plan their TV and digital budgets?

Data is going to be more important in TV. We have heard from several of our publisher clients that by 2020, a majority of inventory is going to be sold with guarantees over and above age and gender. Data is going to play a far more important role in how TV inventory is sold and it’s going to be really critical.

  • Although programmatic TV is still nascent, where and how do you see programmatic TV fitting into the media plan?

Programmatic TV is going to be a huge boost for local and regional advertisers. It is giving them an opportunity that they never had before to get involved in TV advertising. Seventy percent of Sky’s Adsmart advertisers last year are said to have been completely new to TV. This is a very exciting statistic and proof of the important role programmatic TV will play within the advertising space.

  • Will viewability, fraud and independent measurement continue to be key issues within the digital media space?

I definitely think so and in fact you only have to look at the news that comScore is partnering with Roku to validate their video streaming. We know that invalid traffic is getting far more sophisticated, in fact we see that 80% of global invalid traffic is deemed sophisticated, as defined by the MRC. Within the programmatic space you have viewability numbers which are 20% lower than direct sold inventory. Invalid traffic tends to be 50% higher in programmatic and programmatic video exacerbates the problem even further. With programmatic video invalid traffic tends to be 4.5 times higher, according to comScore data. It is still a massive problem for the industry.



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