Match Rates: Just a Number

Today on AdExchanger, Terry Chen, product manager, Adobe Analytics Cloud, wrote a really great piece about match rates.

This is a huge issue in today’s advertising ecosystem. We all know that users are now consuming content on a variety of devices simultaneously—and we know that presents the challenge of finding, and reaching, them on all those devices.

But, as important as this is, it’s even more important that we not lose sight of the end goal—real results.

I suggest reading Terry’s whole piece, but here are a couple key points to consider:  


“While [a match rate] is an easily calculated metric, it is a poor proxy for the question marketers actually care about: What percentage of an audience segment can advertisers actually reach with their ads?”

“Looking at match rates in the strategic context of the overall ad buy, rather than as a KPI, is the most important thing marketers can do.”


A demand-side technology partner might quote you a massive match rate, but the real question is whether they can actually reach that audience, on premium content (especially important in video) to drive real brand results.

I echo Terry’s closing sentiment:


“In the short term, however, if you hear someone talking seriously about match rates, remind them: It’s just a number.”


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Aleck Schleider

SVP, Client & Data Strategy

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