Ad Perceptions Research: Blurred Screens, Blurred Teams

On April 19th, we released the findings of a commissioned study conducted by Advertiser Perceptions on the topic of Advanced TV. This blog article is the first in a series digging into the key themes revealed in this report.

According to the new Ad Perceptions research on Advanced TV advertising, advertisers and agencies are recognizing and embracing the fact that lines are blurring between TV and video…and changing the way they work in response.

The study revealed that the majority of TV and video buying is now done under one integrated team.  In fact, 61% of advertisers who work in TV and video are organized under one integrated team. These organizational shifts make sense and should continue to grow, as advertisers are seeing that a cross-screen approach drives better results through higher effective reach and frequency management.

The research also showed that holistic planning is becoming the norm among these teams, with an average of 31% of campaigns currently planned holistically across TV and video.  Looking ahead, advertisers and agencies expect this number to jump to 44% by 2018.

As these groups begin to look across digital and linear screens, they want to plan their Upfront commitments in the same way.  When asked about how they choose to approach the Upfronts/NewFronts season, 55% say they prefer to learn about both digital and TV opportunities at the same “Upfront” events, rather than attending separate events and learning about TV and video in a siloed approach.

In other words, they think it’s time to go Full Frontal.  We couldn’t agree more.



Rachel Gould

Director, Marketing

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