Wrapping Our Heads Around Video Header Bidding

On May 23rd, Videology hosted a breakfast panel on the topic of Video Header Bidding. The second event in our Videology Knowledge Labs series, we welcomed about 40 publishers and advertisers to the Videology offices to discuss this timely topic

The title of the event was “Video Header Bidding: Essential Strategy or Misused Buzz Word?” The conversation was lively as our panelists debated the merits of a Video Header Bidding Strategy, and discussed whether Header Bidding really existed in video at all.

Our panelists brought a range of views and experience to the discussion. We were excited to welcome Scott Braley, GM of Ad Platforms at Ooyala; Dan Callahan, VP, Programmatic Sales, at Fox Networks Group; David Jacobs, COO at 33Across; and Brian Wieser, Senior Analyst, at Pivotal Research Group. The panel was moderated by Videology’s SVP, Programmatic Packaging and Sales, John Rogers.

Prior to the panel discussion, Videology’s Jeff Ellin (SVP, Global Commercial Product Strategy) shared a short overview on Video Header Bidding – what it means, how it works, and what challenges it presents.

To watch the full presentation and panel discussion, check out the video below.


And if you’d like to read the Videology Knowledge Lab piece on the topic of Video Header Bidding, you can download it here.  

Rachel Gould

Director, Marketing

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