The Data Gold Rush: How Investments Are Paying Off

Last week, Videology’s founder and CEO, Scott Ferber, moderated a session at the Videonuze Online Video Ad Summit entitled “The Data Gold Rush: How Investments Are Paying Off.

Joining Scott were Gabe Bevilacqua (SVP, Product Management, Viacom Vantage), Denise Colella (SVP, Advanced Advertising Products & Strategy, NBCUniversal), Adam Shlachter (President, Global Innovation, PMX, Publicis Media), and Catherine Warburton (Chief Investment Officer, MDC Media Partners).

The session hit on a variety of areas regarding the use of data for video and advanced TV advertising, including discussions around:

  • How the panelists are spending their dollars when it comes to data (Scott noted that according to eMarketer, top companies have spent an average of $100 million on data over the past five years!)
  •  How companies should look to hire the right talent for data management and implementation. Should they look for a data scientist who can learn advertising, or an advertising specialist who can learn data science?
  • The importance of using data to link consumers across video screens, given the fragmentation of TV and video consumption in today’s multi-screen world.
  • How panelists are approaching walled gardens in regards to data, and how (and if) solutions like Open AP will help pave the way towards a more common approach to data

Scott concluded the session by asking each panelist to tell him the one thing that would make their job easier when it comes to data (hint: it’s all about transparency.)

To watch this and more, you can catch Scott’s full panel on the Videonuze website.


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