Connected TV Advertising Is Growing… And It’s Not Stopping Anytime Soon

In our new Q4 2017 TV and Video Market At-A-Glance Report, it was revealed that since 2015, there has been a 175% increase in the amount of ad requests for Connected TV in the Videology platform. The report also found that the amount of impressions running exclusively on Connected TV grew 230% from last quarter.

These results aren’t surprising to the many Advertisers already employing advanced data strategies to drive greater results in their linear TV advertising. More than ever, Advertisers are feeling optimistic about the use of Connected TV to reach their audience in a lean-back environment, with greater targeting and relevance than traditional linear TV. In fact, according to a recent survey Videology commissioned through Advertiser Perceptions, 29% of Advertisers and Agencies plan to increase their Connected TV advertising spend in 2018. Another 65% said they will maintain their current spend—suggesting they are satisfied with Connected TV performance to date—and only 6% planned to decrease their Connected TV spend in the year ahead.

Data-based TV options are evolving every year, and we expect that more dollars will be shifted from traditional linear TV to advanced TV strategies in the months and years ahead. These strategies provide the ability to bring data and measurement to the entire marketing funnel when part of a holistic, cross-screen video approach.

The idea of “cross-screen” is key, as “agnostic” video planning is another trend uncovered in the Q4 Video Market At-A-Glance report. In Q4, 97% of campaigns run on the Videology platform ran on multiple screens, with 60% of those including a Connected TV component.

As cross-screen strategies continue to grow, and to include Connected TV alongside digital video, mobile, and linear TV, advertisers can expect to drive greater results – but there are still a few hurdles to overcome. In the Advertiser Perceptions research, 51% of respondents cited consistent cross-screen measurement as their biggest challenge in regard to TV and Video advertising. 44% said they were challenged with how to best leverage data, and over 1/3 said their biggest challenge was “Lack of clarity/understanding of what’s available and how to execute.”

As we move towards an industry turning point for data-enabled, advanced TV advertising, there is still room for improvement in terms of data, measurement and education, and many in the ecosystem (like Videology) have built solutions to do just that. In the meantime, increased adoption of Connected TV and other Advanced TV channels is a step in the right direction.


Rachel Gould

Director, Marketing

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