The Promise of Premium Inventory: Is It Worth the Cost?

In today’s quickly moving and still-growing world of digital video advertising, Marketers are faced with difficult trade-offs when it comes to inventory selection. Given a set budget, should they buy fewer impressions on higher-priced premium inventory, or should they buy more impressions on lower-cost, long-tail inventory? The allure of premium or full-episode player (FEP) placements is strong, but is it worth the cost markup?

In a new whitepaper, we set out to uncover the answer. Through a deep analysis of past campaigns that ran across both types of inventory, we conducted a qualitative assessment of premium vs. long-tail inventory performance to see just how much better (if at all) premium inventory performed.

To do so, we looked at several different definitions of “performance.” First, we examined media metrics including click-through rate (CTR) and Viewability. While neither are indications of actual business success, many advertisers use these as proxies to determine what is working and what is not working.

After looking at media metrics, we dove into business results, which are more measurable results like brand impact, foot traffic, and site engagement. These metrics are direct indications for success, and, when compared to the markup associated with premium inventory, can quantitatively determine if higher-priced placements are “worth it.”

So is premium inventory worth the cost? Download the full whitepaper to find out.

Rachel Gould

Sr. Director, Marketing

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