This Week, From the Street!

Happy Friday! We’ve had quite a busy week on the street here at Videology. You may have seen the news that we launched DETVgo earlier this week! We are thrilled about this news, and are hoping DETVgo will accelerate the advanced TV industry in a major way.

Read on to hear more about our DETVgo launch, our presence at IAB Canada's Digital Marketing Summit, as well as additional industry insights from Videology's Tony Yi in an interview with Beet.TV!

This week, from the street!

Happy Wednesday Videologists and fans alike! 

We’re jumpstarting a weekly blog series called “This week, from the street!” to share our thoughts, happenings and musings, with all of you. Think of the weekly series as a virtual watercooler to hang out at for a few minutes when there’s a lull in your day – only with this, instead of talking about Game of Thrones or what you’re watching on the many devices reaching our eyeballs after work, you’ll get a download on what’s trending on “the street.”

Read more to find out what we're hearing from the street this week!




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