TV and Video Outlook: Q&A with CNN International's Robert Bradley

We recently released our ‘2017 UK TV and Video Outlook’ featuring interviews with technology and agency leaders from the advertising industry.  Below’s excerpt from the report features a Q&A with Robert Bradley, VP of Digital Commercial Strategy & Revenue at CNN International.

“The smartest marketers will continue to be content makers. Every brand has a story to tell. Content allows them to tell that story.”- Robert Bradley

Read Robert’s full Q&A below and download our full report here.

  • How do you see the evolution of TV and what innovation most excites you in the TV space?

Embracing the rise of audience targeting in TV is what is exciting. Data-driven decisioning and personalisation, not just within the ad space, but within the content space too, will drive innovation forward. Advertisers will be able to serve viewers ads depending on their interests, enhancing the viewer experience.

  • Although programmatic TV is still nascent, where and how do you see programmatic TV fitting into the media plan? 

TV is still incredibly manual when it comes to the distribution of adverts, so the efficiencies of programmatic from a transactional point of view will be welcomed. What is really interesting is the ability to offer a single buying point across TV, across desktop, across mobile. What this will do is allow marketers to get a holistic view of all platforms when it comes to their media buying, which in turn will empower them with insights as to what is working and what is not and help them ultimately deliver a better campaign. I really see this driving the cross-platform world between TV and digital and move the market away from talking about the two separately.

  • What are the smartest marketers doing to gear up for success in 2017?

A marketer’s role is so complicated today. There are so many routes to market and ways of buying Media. The smartest marketers are trying to gain a holistic view of each campaign and ensure they are optimising based on data and based on facts, regardless of the platform. Content marketing will also continue to be a key component of just about all smart marketing campaigns. Every brand has a story to tell. Content allows them to tell that story.

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