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We Place People at the Core of Our Business

At Videology, we’re extremely proud of our technology, but it’s the people behind it who are our greatest asset. We strive to attract and retain the best people in the industry and celebrate their success.

We Strive to Stay Happy, but Never Satisfied

Innovation starts with execution. But we don’t believe the quest for perfection should prevent further action. Do it. Make it better. Repeat.

We Empower Employees to Do Great Things

Great ideas come from everyone; we share information freely and honestly across departments, functions, and job titles because we know the richest ideas spring from a diversity of thought.

We Cultivate Creativity and Evolve Constantly

We encourage our people to think beyond their specific responsibilities because we need to look up and out to see the opportunities on the horizon.

Act with integrity Cultivate Creativity

Have a bias for action Take accountability

“Videology is a technology, but at the heart, it’s the people behind the technology that matter. This company is about the employees, and I try to remind them of that every day.”
— Scott Ferber, Chairman & CEO


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Benefits & Perks

At Videology, work isn’t just a place that we come to every day. It’s what we enjoy, it’s what interests and intrigues us, it’s what gets us thinking, and above all - it’s fun.



Videology offices are centrally located in major cities across the map. New York, Toronto, Paris, Madrid, Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, and beyond - we are making our mark around the globe.


Work-Life Balance

We understand that fulfillment can only come from a balance of personal and professional priorities. When we say “Family comes first,” we mean it.


Happy Hours

We work hard, but we know how important it is to celebrate our successes. With frequent happy hour events across our offices, we have a chance to regroup, celebrate, and get to know each other better.


Social Responsibility

At Videology, we have a strong belief in giving back through volunteering, donations, and drives. We work to support our local communities, as well as communities in need outside our markets.


Employee Recognition

We know that it’s important to be recognized and rewarded for your hard work. At Videology, multiple ongoing employee recognition programs help thank our superstars and encourage new superstars to show their stuff.

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Work With The Best

Led by a team of industry veterans, Videology employs almost 400 team members across the world. Each of us has an important job to do, and we want to be the best in the world at doing it.


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