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Videology works with brands, agencies, and media companies across the ecosystem and around the world to deliver powerful results using cross-screen software, and our unique, market-leading solutions.  The below case studies outline some of our best examples of success.


Videology's TV Amplifier™ : Driving Sales Lift with Cross-Screen Approach

A major automotive maker used Videology’s TV Amplifier™ product to reach targeted audiences online who had been underexposed to their ad on television. When comparing targeting approaches, they found that Videology’s TV Amplifier™ product segment drove 52% greater sales lift than demo targeting alone, and 26% greater sales lift than behavioral targeting alone.

Sales Lift by Target Approach

Digital Ad Audience Exposure by TV Frequency Groups

Videology's TV Amplifier™ : Boosting Incremental Reach

A large energy corporation leveraged Videology’s TV Amplifier™ product to boost incremental reach by adding video to a maxed-out TV plan. Videology helped them ensure that 98% of GRPs in their digital video plan hit consumers who had not seen the ad on TV.  

Videology's TV Amplifier™ : Finding the Ideal Cross-Screen Mix

Videology worked with a popular hotel chain to find the “sweet spot” of TV and video in order to drive online bookings. Utilizing Nielsen’s cross-screen video panel, Videology conducted a cross-media study to determine that light TV exposure coupled with heavy online exposure drove conversions the most effectively.

Conversion to Home Page Among A25-54

% Impact - Exposed/Unexposed

Videology's DETV™ Product : Driving Sales Through Better TV Targeting

A well-known hotel chain worked with Videology to better target their audience through linear TV. According to a Nielsen NBI study, the campaign using Videology's DETV™ product drove lifts across multiple sales metrics – including 16% higher lift in spend per transaction, and 12% higher lift in total spend among those exposed to the ad.  

Videology's DETV™ Product : Better TV Targeting with Less Waste

A large technology company leveraged Videology’s DETV™ product to reach their strategic target of “techies” on linear TV with less waste. Videology’s campaign was 2x more effective at hitting their target compared to a traditional TV campaign; this resulted in an 8.8% increase in incremental reach of the “techie” audience.


Portfolio Management : Driving Greater Overall Media Profit

A major media company used Videology’s optimal allocation technology to yield two times more revenue. In this example, they cut the impressions needed to deliver in half, resulting in almost 18 million incremental impressions.  


Traditional Allocation

Videology Smart Decisioning


Predictive Demo Targeting : Reaching Key Audience with Less Waste

A client in the technology industry leveraged Videology Predictive Demo Targeting to ensure the most efficient reach against their target of women 25-54. They found that, according to Nielsen’s DAR, Videology’s demo targeting was over 2x more accurate than the other 3rd party data providers, and 3.5x more accurate than the Nielsen baseline.

Videology's In-Demo Targeting Delivery

Brand Lift

Campaign Cost Comparison

Bot Fraud Prevention : Improving Brand Metrics by Eliminating Bots

A study from ad-fraud prevention leader White Ops and Videology revealed that for a price increase of only 2%, inventory with bot-blocking technology can drive brand engagement rates 22% higher than the same inventory without bot-blocking technology.

Brand Lift : Driving Brand Lift 6x Greater than the Nielsen Norm

A Nielsen case study based on nine campaigns showed that Videology’s average CPG performance, or CPG benchmark, outperforms Nielsen’s digital advertising CPG brand lift norm by 6x.

Brand Lift Results

Brand Recall

Brand Favorability

Brand Lift :  Driving Brand Metrics and Click-Through Rates (U.K.)

A leading U.K. beauty brand leveraged offline purchase behavior data on frequent and high spenders at luxury retailers to increase recall and favorability for their brand.  In addition to an 84.7% VCR, the campaign drove an 83% increase in brand recall and a 42% increase in brand favorability.

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