Videology, Inc. (“Videology”) is a digital media advertising technology solutions provider, providing its clients with solutions to connect advertiser brands with consumers who are most interested in those brands. By leveraging the power of consumer data and ad decisioning, we increase accountability, and optimize the performance of video and display advertising campaigns by providing a more relevant, meaningful web experience for consumers who view the ads delivered through our advertising technology solutions.

Through use of the Videology® services in the U.S. and in the United Kingdom (offered by Videology Ltd., Videology’s UK subsidiary), advertisers and publishers can take advantage of technology solutions to deliver, manage, target and measure the effectiveness of their digital media advertising campaigns and inventory.

Videology is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI). Our practices conform with the NAI’s Self-Regulatory Code

Videology conforms to the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Self-Regulatory Principals for Online Behavioral Advertising.

Videology Ltd. (Videology's UK subsidiary) is committed to the IAB Europe Framework for Online Behavioural Advertising.

To access the Videology Privacy Dashboard and review your ad preferences or opt-out of Videology’s targeted advertising please click here.

What this privacy policy covers

This policy covers how Videology, acting as data controller, treats information that Videology collects and receives through our services, which include Videology’s digital media and ad targeting solutions and any other technology, products and/or services offered by Videology (collectively referred to as the “Services”), including your past use of, or interaction with, the Services. For more information about our Products and Services, please click here.

This policy does not apply to information about you collected by third party advertisers and publishers who use Videology’s Services, or other third parties linked to or otherwise accessible via the Services. The information collected or received by any such providers and third parties is subject to their own privacy policies.

Collection and Use of Information

Personal Information

Videology offers its Services to other commercial businesses, not consumers. Videology does not require consumers to provide personal information when viewing or interacting with ads received through our customers to provide personal information when viewing or interacting with ads received through our customers' use of Services. Personal information is information  relating to you, such as name, street address and email address collected by Videology or otherwise received by Videology. However, on some pages of Videology’s corporate web site, you may choose to provide personal information to Videology for a specific purpose, such as when submitting a request for information, submitting a specific question to Videology about our Services or related to privacy, or requesting that Videology contact you. Additionally, if you enter into a business relationship with Videology, we may require that you provide us with personal information for administrative purposes, such as maintaining account information, preparing invoices and issuing payment. If you do provide us with personal information, your information shall only be used for the purpose for which it is submitted.

IP Address

Videology receives IP addresses from most users who view ads we deliver because, in most cases, this information is automatically sent to us by the internet browser software (e.g., Microsoft Explorer, Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome) of those users each time we receive an ad request from our web site partners to deliver an ad to a site on which the users are viewing content. We use IP address to assist us to both deliver the ad and to select the most appropriate advertising based on geographic area or other information derived from the IP address of the web browser from whom we received an ad request, such as ISP provider. Aggregate information derived from IP addresses, such as the number of ad impressions delivered to a geographic region, may also be reported to our advertising clients. Finally, we may use IP address to help identify and combat potentially fraudulent activity.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

When you visit a web site or view content on other Internet-enabled devices (e.g., smart/connected TV, gaming consoles, set-top boxes) that use our Services and view an ad that we’ve sent to that site or device, Videology may use cookies and other technologies (such as pixels or web beacons, if supported by the device) to record and store non-personally identifiable information about your interaction with the Services, most commonly known as “click-stream data” or “impression logs”. Click-stream data is associated with your device’s Internet browser/content delivery software (e.g., Microsoft Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or a smart/connected TV or gaming console's browser) and can include information such as device type (e.g., computer, tablet, smart/connected TV), date/time of visit, browser type, web pages visited when viewing an ad we’ve sent in response to an ad request we received, and information on your interaction with the Services when viewing content on your device’s Internet browser, including whether you interacted with the ad (e.g., viewed the ad to completion or clicked on the ad), and what ad content you viewed (i.e., which ad we delivered to you). For more detailed information on cookies and web beacons, please see our FAQs.

In order to optimize the effectiveness of the Services for our clients (e.g. assist them with reaching their desired audience through targeted advertising), we use cookies and our servers to store non-personally identifiable behavioral and demographic profile data we receive from third party data providers, publishers and other partners we work with. This data may include such things as zip code, age, gender and income range, but cannot be tied to an individual and is stored in an encrypted format (e.g., random numbers, letters and symbols) within our cookies and/or on our servers. To learn more about third party data providers we work with, please click here.

In the case of mobile devices (e.g., mobile phones, tablets, etc.), some mobile inventory suppliers and third party service providers that we work with may provide us with the mobile advertising ID assigned to your device (i.e., a Google AdID for Android devices or an Apple IDFA for Apple devices) and, in some cases, additional non-personally identifiable demographic and behavioral data so that our advertising clients can use our platform technology to deliver more relevant advertising to you when you are using applications on your mobile device. Our third party service providers can also, in some instances, associate mobile advertising IDs with our cookies so that our advertising clients can use non-personally identifiable behavioral and demographic profile data associated with our cookies to deliver more relevant ads to you when you are using mobile apps on your mobile device. If you opt-out of Videology’s interest-based advertising by implementing our opt-out cookie on your browser (See “Access To and Choices About Your Information – Opting Out and Reviewing Your Ad Preferences“ below), we will no longer associate your mobile advertising ID with our cookies. Depending on the type of mobile device you use and the options provided by the mobile operating system (“mobile OS”) on your mobile device (in many cases, Google Android or Apple iOS), you may have the option within the settings on your mobile device to choose or limit how your mobile OS uses and/or shares the mobile advertising ID associated with the mobile OS on your mobile device. We ask that mobile inventory suppliers and third party service providers we work with to only provide us with mobile advertising IDs that they have obtained the necessary rights to share with us for the purpose of delivering more relevant advertising. For more information on how to select advertising options available within the Apple iOS and Google Android, please visit our opt-out page by clicking here.

Additionally, our advertiser clients may request that we provide them with a web beacon (sometimes referred to as a clear GIF or 1x1 pixel) to place on their web page in order to identify Internet users, using non-personally identifiable information, who have visited their web page so that they may target ads to those users about the advertiser’s products/services based the visitor’s interest in those products/services. If an advertiser places our web beacon on their web page and you visit that web page, we may use cookies to identify that you visited that advertiser web page. These cookies use non-personally identifiable information to build an “audience” for the advertising client that is interested in the advertiser’s products/services based on your visit and interaction on their web page. At the advertising client’s request, we may target ads for that advertiser’s products/services to you based on your prior visit to their web page. This use of non-personally identifiable data to target ads for a particular advertiser is more commonly known as “retargeting” as the advertiser is looking to retarget a user that has already shown an interest in their products/services as evidenced by the user’s visit to the advertiser’s web page.

Use and Disclosure

Videology uses non-personal information it receives and collects to customize, target, and measure the effectiveness of the ads we deliver to you via the Service (including targeted advertising based on demographic characteristics, viewing preferences and behaviors), to prevent showing you the same ads repeatedly, for reporting on campaign delivery to both advertisers and digital media inventory partners, for general reporting purposes (such as the total number of ads delivered by Videology in a given month), and to predict the characteristics and preferences of the audience on sites that use our video advertising Services in order to assist (a) advertisers in targeting their campaigns to the most relevant audience, and (b) digital media inventory providers (such as web site owners) to better understand the make-up (types of users) who visit their site(s) so they can more effectively assist advertisers in finding the desired audience for their ad campaign(s).

Videology uses personal information you provide to us to communicate with and respond to your inquiries, to conduct research about use of the Services; to fulfill your requests for products and services; to help offer you other products, services or offerings that may be of interest to you; and to provide anonymous internal and external reporting. Videology does not offer email marketing as part of the Services we provide to our customers, nor do we maintain email marketing lists for purposes of delivering targeted advertising to consumers via email. If, however, you choose to provide us with personal information including your email address (generally because you've chosen to contact through our corporate web site or are a customer of Videology), we will not use your email address to send commercial or marketing messages without your consent or except as part of a specific program or feature for which you will have the ability to opt-in and then to opt-out in the event you change your mind. We may, however, use your email address without further consent for non-marketing or administrative purposes (such as notifying you of important changes to the Services or for customer service purposes).

Videology will not rent, sell or share information about you with other people or nonaffiliated companies, except to provide the Services, when we have your permission, or under the following circumstances:

  • We will provide your information to trusted partners who work on behalf of or with Videology under confidentiality agreements. These companies may use your personal information to help Videology fulfill a transaction you requested or communicate with you about offers from Videology and our marketing partners. However, unless you have granted permission, these companies do not have any independent right to share or use this information for other purposes.
  • We work with third party vendors, partners, advertisers, publishers, demographic and behavioral data providers and other service and content providers. In order to optimize our Services and to better target advertisements, we may share non-personally identifiable information about you with them, including statistical and demographic data about our users and their interaction with the Services. We will not authorize these third party providers to share or use your information other than as necessary to provide the Services and to enhance user experience through targeting of ads.
  • If Videology, or part(s) of Videology, is acquired or merged with another company we will transfer information about you to the acquiring company.
  • Finally, Videology may share information on individuals it deems necessary to comply with a subpoena or court order, to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims, or to cooperate with government and law enforcement officials.

Third Party Service Providers & Social Media Plugins

Videology and its advertisers may use third party digital advertising and media companies, service providers and technology providers to help present advertisements to you via the Services. These third party providers may also use cookies, web beacons, or similar technologies on your device to collect click-stream data. The use of cookies, web beacons, or similar technologies by such third-party providers is subject to their own privacy policies, not Videology's. Please contact them directly for information about their privacy practices. In addition, the Network Advertising Initiative, the Digital Advertising Alliance, and the IAB's YourOnlineChoices each offer useful information about third party digital advertising and media companies, including information about how to opt-out of their information collection.

Our website may include plugins from social networks or other third parties. An example of a plugin is the link to Videology’s Twitter feed or LinkedIn page. These plugins may communicate with and send information to the party that provided the plugin, even if you do not click on the plugin. This information may include your IP address, information about your browser and device, and the address of the web page you are visiting on our site. Loading, using or clicking the plugins may also place, read and transmit cookies. These cookies may contain a unique identifier the social network or third party assigns to you for use in associating non-personally identifiable information collected about your browser, so they can deliver interest-based advertising to you. The loading, functionality and your use of the plugins are governed by the privacy policy and terms of the party that provided the plugin. To learn more about interest-based advertising, please visit the Digital Advertising Alliance’s consumer opt-out page where you can opt-out of the DAA’s participating companies

Access To and Choices About Your Information – Opting Out and Reviewing Your Ad Preferences

Opt-Out & Reviewing Your Ad Preferences

Videology believes users should have information necessary to make informed decisions and the right to choose how their information is used. We provide you with the ability to opt-out of our use of non-personally identifiable data we receive through cookies and/or click-stream data  in order to deliver more relevant advertising, tailored to your interests. To opt-out of Videology’s interest-based advertising, please click here to implement our opt-out cookie on your browser.

We also provide you with the ability to review the anonymous information we maintain for purposes of providing you with more tailored, relevant advertising. You can visit the Videology Privacy Dashboard to view the data elements we use to target ads to you, if any, and make the decision on whether to opt-out of interest based advertising.

Personal Information

To better understand the type of personal information Videology may collect, please see “Collection and Use of Information – Personal Information” above. Videology provides you with access to personal information you may have voluntarily provided to us. If you provided us with personal information and would like to edit that information or have your personal information removed from our database completely; please contact us at with your request. Once we receive your request, we will take prompt action to complete your request. Please note that in order for us to act on your request, we may need you to provide previously provided personal information in order to identify you for purposes of completing your request.


Consistent with industry standards and applicable law, Videology has established reasonable safeguards to help prevent unauthorized access to, disclosure, alteration or misuse of your information, but cannot guarantee that your data will never be disclosed in a manner inconsistent with this Privacy Policy (for example, as a result of unauthorized acts by third parties that violate applicable law or Videology’s policies). All data stored on Videology’s servers is treated as confidential. Our employees are aware of the confidential nature of such data and have limited access to it.

Data Retention

The amount of time that we retain data we collect on our systems varies in length based on the type of data collected, but is only retained by us so long as necessary to carry out the purposes described in this privacy policy. Specifically, we retain data as follows:

Personal Information

  • We retain account information obtained from vendors and business partners we work with no longer than is necessary to carry out the purposes described in this privacy policy, but reserve the right to delete such information at our convenience.
  • Any personal information voluntarily provided to us via email communication or through our corporate website is maintained no longer than necerssary to carry out the purposes described in this privacy policy.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

  • We retain click-stream data (such as IP address, date/time of visit, browser type, web pages visited, etc.) no longer than is necessary to carry out the purposes described in this privacy policy and, in any case, at the latest, for up to two (2) years. After two (2) years, information may be stored in aggregate for statistical and analysis purposes or is deleted.
  • We retain behavioral (interest-based) segment data for periods as short as thirty (30) days, but may retain some behavioral segment data for a longer period if necessary to carry out the purposes described in this privacy policy, and in any case, at the latest, for up to two (2) years. After two (2) years, information may be stored in aggregate for statistical analysis purposes or is deleted.
  • We retain demographic data for periods as short as thirty (30) days, but may retain some demographic data for a longer period if necessary to carry out the purposes described in this privacy policy, and in any case, at the latest, for periods of five (5). After five (5) years, information may be stored in aggregate for statistical analysis purposes or is deleted.

Children’s Privacy

The Services are not developed or intended for children. If you believe your child has provided Videology with personally identifiable data and you would like to have the data removed, please contact us.

A Special Note about the European Union

Videology, Inc.’s wholly-owned UK subsidiary, Videology Ltd., may transfer your personal information to Videology’s servers in the United States of America or to third parties acting on our behalf, for the purposes of processing or storage, and by providing any personal information to us you fully understand and unambiguously consent to the transfer, processing and storage of such information in the United States of America.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about Videology’s Privacy Policy or its implementation, you may contact us at this email, or you can send correspondence to the following address:

Videology, Inc. 
1500 Whetstone Way, Suite 500
Baltimore, MD 21230 

Changes to this Privacy Policy and Additional Information

Videology may update this Privacy Policy from time to time, and so you should review this policy periodically. If there are significant changes to Videology’s information practices, you will be provided with appropriate online notice. You may be provided other privacy-related information in connection with your use of offerings from the Services, as well as for special features and services not described in this Policy that may be introduced in the future.

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