Videology Health provides a holistic video advertising solution across both TV and digital screens:


More precise targeting of condition-specific audiences to drive greater reach and efficiency.

Seamless application of HIPAA-compliant data across screens to connect with consumers where they watch.

Improved performance against your true KPIs including awareness, consideration and action.


Discover what we can do to make your health marketing better.

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TV Retargeting

Use Videology’s market-leading TV Amplifier™ product, powered by unique partnerships with Nielsen and Rentrak, to connect online and TV. This allows you to:  

  • Increase reach by targeting consumers underexposed, or not exposed, to your TV ad
  • Conquest consumers online who have been exposed to a competitor’s ad on TV

TV Optimization

Determine an optimal TV schedule based on viewing habits of your consumer prospects.

  • Videology’s DETV™ product allows advertisers to reach their strategic audiences with greater accuracy using first or third-party data, while maintaining the full scale and impact of traditional linear TV.
  • We help you extend reach, improve efficiency, and measure campaign impact by bringing the power of data to your TV plan.
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Video Performance

Reach condition-specific audiences wherever they are watching – across both digital video and TV.

  • Access: Videology Health is your single access point to all major health-related data providers, including Symphony, Crossix, and IMS.  
  • Safety: We offer real-time, impression level bot fraud prevention through an integration with market leader White Ops.  Additionally, we provide tools to ensure Viewability, and campaign delivery based on Viewable Rate or Viewable CPM.
  • Results: Measure results across screens, with detailed reporting for campaign, audience, brand and script-lift metrics.  Campaigns can be planned against standard metrics such as GRP, CTR, Reach or Viewability, as well as 3rd-party verification from Nielsen DAR, comScore VCE, and Crossix and Symphony Sales Impact.  

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