Videology Labs: First-Party Data

In today’s data-driven advertising marketplace, many digital marketers are using their own first-party data to reach customers and prospects with targeted, tailored messaging. For brands, the ability to leverage information gleaned from their own properties can be a powerful tool – but only if done right. This Videology Knowledge Lab delves into everything you need to know about first-party data.

Video Works: delivering cost-effective incremental reach to TV

Video Works: delivering cost-effective incremental reach to TV

Videology commissioned a Kantar Millward Brown CrossMedia® Research study to analyse and showcase how digital video complements heavyweight TV campaigns.

Videology worked with one of the world’s leading telco brands, a category driver of innovation, to shed light on digital video’s role in complementing TV and driving cost-effective incremental reach. The research further revealed video’s ability to boost brand and product differentiation.

Videology Knowledge Lab: Header Bidding

Header bidding first started making headlines about two years ago, when at least one industry publication declared, “The Rise of Header Bidding, The End of the Publisher’s Waterfall.” Back then, header bidding was limited to digital display ads. Now, as header bidding has begun making its way into the video space, it’s become a hot topic again. This Videology Knowledge Lab outlines everything you need to know about header bidding, especially as it relates to its use in the video advertising.

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