The Changing Anatomy of a TV Viewer - UK

The anatomy of a TV viwer has seen big changes over the past decade due to the booming growth of online video, and it shows no signs of stopping. Globally, IP video traffic will be 79% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2018, up from 66% in 2013. Internet video to TV (video delivered through the Internet to a TV screen by way of an Internet-enabled set-top box) doubled in 2013 and will continue to grow at a rapid pace, increasing fourfold by 2018. The traditional TV viewer is more connected than ever to screens and devices around him. In the coming years, with advances in technology, there will be more opportunities for consumers to connect to the “Internet of things” (think beyond Google Glass to watches, car windshields and refrigerators), and in turn, more ways for marketers to reach them, from head to toe.

The Changing Anatomy of a TV Viewer - UK

Tommy Stalknecht

Lives in Nashville, TN

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