EMEA Forrester Consulting Research: Cross-Platform Video Advertising Accelerates

Consumers’ use of online video — from the proverbial user generated cute cat video to online streams of top-rated primetime television programs — is booming. It’s drawing the attention of media companies that see a lucrative new revenue stream and advertisers thrilling at the idea of a new advertising opportunity that delivers the sight-sound-motion impact of television. In March 2014, Videology commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how the growth of online video will change the advertising industry. To further explore this trend, Forrester developed a hypothesis that tested the assertion that the evolving combination of data, technology, and cross-platform viewing will lead to holistic, platform agnostic planning of video. We conducted an in-depth survey with 500 advertising decision-makers at media companies, advertisers, and advertising agencies in France, Germany, the UK, Italy, and Spain to explore this idea.

Forrester Consulting Research: Cross-Platform Video Advertising Accelerates

Tommy Stalknecht

Lives in Nashville, TN

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