Forget September! Good TV is Always in Season

Traditionally, September has been the launch of the “new TV season,” when networks kick off their fresh prime time programming. But today, people are watching their favorite shows across not only networks or even cable, but – ever increasingly – through online portals like Hulu® or Netflix®. Now, premium content is released continuously and available anytime on the viewer’s own schedule. How has this changed the launch of the “new season”? Does seasonality matter anymore? For online video viewers*, it appears it’s the “new season” all season long.

A new study from Videology suggests that consumers are no longer relying on the “seasonality” of TV network programming to watch their favorite new shows. Videology conducted a video-based online survey of over 3,200 consumers to determine how shifts in media consumption have changed the traditional focus on the “new TV season,” which starts in September. Overall, 55% of consumers surveyed said that the season doesn’t impact their video viewing. Check out our infographic below to see the results of the study.

Forget September! Good TV is Always in Season [U.S.]

Forget September! Good TV is Always in Season [Canada]

Tommy Stalknecht

Lives in Nashville, TN

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