April 5, 2017

With Google Chrome reducing support for Flash, industry video standards are shifting from the Flash VPAID format to JavaScript VPAID. Videology is modifying our platform to support video and creative types using either of these standards.





Video Standard Support: Demand

New Video and Creative Type to Support Both Flash and JS


New Video Type option within the Planning module - 'VPAID - Flash and JS" - allows you to configure campaigns to simultaneously support Flash and JavaScript integration methods.

New placement integration methods,
and the separation of Flash and JavaScript placements, will improve forecasting against those inventory types.


Existing Option Name Changes for Greater Clarity

When planning your campaign, you will notice some name changes to existing options in the Video Type dropdown located in the Objectives and Traffic sections:

  • ‘Standard’ is now ‘VAST’
  • ‘Interactive’ and ‘Third Party Served Interactive’ were combined under ‘VPAID Flash’
  • ‘Interactive – JS’ is now ‘VPAID JS’
  • ‘Third Party Served Standard’ is now ‘VAST – 3rd Party Served’


Video Standard Support: Inventory

New Integration Methods to Support All Use Cases

New options will be added for inventory users to support the following Integration Methods:

  • ‘VPAID Flash OR JS’ : For use by publishers with in-house technology to convert VPAID Flash creative to VPAID Javascript in order to accept either creative type
  • ‘VPAID Flash AND JS’ : For use by publishers without the ability to specify creative type in the request and need a Videology response containing creative in both the VPAID Flash and VPAID JavaScript formats

Publishers continuing to support either VPAID Flash or VPAID JavaScript, but not both, will not need to change platform settings.


Existing Option Name Changes for Greater Clarity

In addition, Inventory users will notice the following Integration Method options have already been updated:

  • ‘VPAID’ is now ‘VPAID Flash’
  • ‘Interactive - JS’ is now ‘VPAID JS’

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