Videology Survey Finds Video Viewers Are Hungry for QSR

New York, April 16, 2014 – In a recent survey conducted by Videology— one of the world’s largest video advertising platforms— it was found that online video viewers, compared to non-online video viewers, are more frequent patrons of quick service restaurants (QSR).

Results from this study, presented in Videology’s latest infographic “Video Viewers are Hungry for Quick Service Restaurants,” show that respondents who regularly watch videos online are 24% more likely to visit a QSR than those who do not watch video online.

Here are some additional highlights from the survey:

  • Online Video Ads Influence Consumers’ Decision to Visit or Buy Items at QSRs - The survey found those who watch video were 60% more likely to visit QSRs after hearing about a promotion or seeing an advertisement, regardless of the medium.
  • Breakfast and Dinner at QSRs Appeal to Online Video Viewers – Interestingly, video viewers are 31% more likely than non-video viewers to grab breakfast at QSRs, and 17% more likely to purchase dinner, meaning marketers can utilize “daypart” targeting to reach these consumers.
  • Online Video Viewers are Bigger Spenders – Those who watch video online are 143% more likely to spend over $25 at a QSR on a typical visit and 70% more likely to spend $10 or more.

To view the infographic, visit Infographics for Canada and the UK can be found by visiting

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