Videology extends collaboration with Nielsen to deliver audience measurement on mobile video in Europe with Digital Ad Ratings

Videology, one of the world’s largest video advertising technology companies, has today announced the certification of their integration of Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR), which enables audience measurement across mobile apps in Europe. Available to Videology’s clients in the UK and France – and soon, in Italy and Germany - the expanded integration will now allow Videology to provide audience measurement validated by Nielsen, showing the on-target delivery of advertisers’ campaigns both online and mobile apps.

Nielsen launched Mobile tracking within DAR to the European market in October 2015. The evolution of this product enables advertising solution providers to offer advertisers audience verification and measurement across different screens using traditional TV metrics, such as Reach and Ratings.

“Consumers are no longer just consuming TV-style video content via traditional TV, but are increasingly watching content across online and mobile devices, with at least 31.8 minutes per day spent on video viewing via smartphones,” said Catherine Hallam, Videology Director, EMEA Product Solutions (Data Strategy & Analytics). “By integrating mobile tracking and optimisation into Videology’s solution with DAR, Videology can now prove to advertisers that they are reaching their target audience across all digital platforms. And significantly, this solution will show the importance of using mobile video within TV budgets to reach audiences whose consumption habits are rapidly changing from TV to mobile devices.”

“Nielsen’s certification of Videology’s mobile integration represents the latest step in an established collaboration between Nielsen and Videology to prove the effectiveness of video campaigns to advertisers in Europe and we are pleased to show that Videology’s advertisers are maximizing their return on investment,” said Novella Scalera, Product Leader, Digital Ratings for Europe at Nielsen.

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