New Case Study of Nine CPG Campaigns Reveals Videology Outperforms Nielsen’s Brand Lift Norms by 6x

New York – August 31, 2015 – Videology, a leading software provider for converged TV and video advertising, today announced the release of a new case study from Nielsen entitled More Than Just Engaging.  The case study analyzed Videology’s digital brand lift based on the results of nine CPG campaigns measured with Nielsen Digital Brand Effect, an advertising effectiveness solution.  The results based on these nine CPG campaigns showed Videology’s average CPG performance, or CPG benchmark, outperformed Nielsen’s digital advertising CPG brand lift norm by six times.

As video is increasingly capturing the attention of consumers everywhere, advertisers are turning to video to communicate their brand message.  However, advertisers are looking beyond the click to measure the effectiveness of their digital video advertising spend.  To understand the effectiveness of its platform, Videology integrated the Nielsen Digital Brand Effect solution directly into their platform to easily measure the brand lift of their customers’ brand advertising campaigns. 

“Digital video is increasingly being used for branding,” said Todd Budin, SVP of Product Leadership at Nielsen.  “It is important to understand its impact using brand-relevant metrics.  Nielsen Digital Brand Effect helps platforms like Videology showcase the value of digital video advertising to their clients.”

Nielsen Digital Brand Effect measures digital advertising campaign performance in real-time using a brand relevant metric – brand lift. By integrating Nielsen Digital Brand Effect directly into its video player, Videology was able to measure video performance directly from the campaign footprint and use the results to optimize against brand lift metrics in real time. In analyzing the results of nine CPG campaigns measured with Nielsen Digital Brand Effect, Videology found that they drove brand lift that was on average six times higher than Nielsen Digital Brand Effect’s CPG brand lift norm. Nielsen’s normative scores are derived from thousands of completed campaigns across the Nielsen Digital Brand Effect platform.

“From its inception, the Videology platform was built for TV-centric brand advertisers,” said Scott Ferber, Chairman and CEO, Videology.  “With this Nielsen case study, we’ve displayed our software’s ability to drive brand metrics above Nielsen’s CPG norms.  For CPG advertisers who traditionally look to TV for brand-building, this is a true differentiator when considering if and how to best incorporate video into the mix.”

Videology points to several factors that likely contributed to their strong brand lift results.  First, by preventing fraud in their platform through brand safety tools and, in particular, an integration with White Ops, they are ensuring humans are viewing their ads rather than bots.  Additionally, through integrations with over 40 data providers, they are able to offer accurate targeting for advertisers, as well as advanced optimization.  Finally, they offer guaranteed delivery and scale against key audiences for advertisers across all verticals.

“For us, the recipe is simple: better targeting, better optimization, and better fraud protection at scale,” adds Ferber. “These elements drive real results, and show how our platform stands out from our competitors.  The power of our platform has never been more evident than it is with the results displayed by Nielsen Digital Brand Effect.”

The study is available on Nielsen’s website at the following link:

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